Why should one plan a Miami to Key West Tours 2 day trip?

How to spend the vacations?

Don’t you wish to spend your vacations with your family at such a place where you can enjoy yourself the most? Everyone wishes to go to such places where the view is beautiful and you have a chance to enjoy yourself wholeheartedly. So where should one go? According to people one of the best places to go and spend your vacation is Miami and Key West. One should plan 2days trip if he wishes to enjoy his vacations! There are lots of places you can visit in both Miami and Key West. Once you have planned, just rent a car and head out!

Some of the most beautiful sights!

On your way you will come across a number of beaches, all which happen to be extremely beautiful. You will even see many bridges and causeways stretched across all the keys. You can enjoy the trip down the highway as the places you will see are simply breathtaking. You also have the chance to take a cruise from Miami; you can then travel to Key West by the sea only. On the way you will get a chance to explore various islands as well. If you haven’t ever seen an island here is your chance. You can explore the island of Key Largo, and can go and explore the Marathon Island as well as the Big Pine Key Island. It is always better to go on public tours as you get a chance to find out more about these places as well. Many famous authors also live in both Miami and Key West; you can even go and visit them as well.

A dozens of activities for you!

Apart from the public tours you have the chance to enjoy the beaches here as well. According to people the beaches of Miami and Key West both are as beautiful as the beaches of the Caribbean! You can walk along the shore, go for a swim and do whatever you wish. You are also provided with various water activities on which you can take part in. You and your family can go snorkeling or you can go for swimming or scuba diving. If you want you can even rent yourself a jet ski as well. You can even go on wreck diving excursions as well, in these excursions you can choose which ever boats you want.  It is always fun to go on these excursions as you are provided with an opportunity to see the famous coral reef closely. When you go snorkeling you are taken to the reef and there you can see the coral reef and all the habitats up there real closely! Also, there is a particular boat ride, called the glass bottom boat ride. Through this ride, you can see the underwater marine life up close without getting yourself wet!

Tourists love coming here as they get to enjoy the beaches a lot and as they are able to explore different places as well!