The E-Tourism Industry in South Africa

E-tourism is closely tied to tourism in the traditional sense but it has also been defined as “the tourism program that seeks to proximity to a destination, to experience its cultural richness and to understand its people and culture”. It is very similar to the tourist industry in Western countries and afterBirth, the leading e-tourism site on the internet, has reported that South Africa is now the third most popular destination in the African continent for online and offline single traveler bookings.

Shopping Online and Offline

Shopping online is very common in South Africa and online booking is shopping in traditional stores. The country has thriving online fashion and specialty shops in home-grown and international chains.

Cultural Tourism

South African culture and heritage have always been rich and vibrant and visitors get to experience its vibrancy and diversity.

Hip-hop Culture:

How would you like to dance to a boom box, rap, and breakdancing in South African nightclubs along the beautiful Garden Route? If you are willing to do unusual flavors, you can enjoy doing yoga in Koh Samui Island. At Bairnsdale Wonders, you can appreciate modern art and nature and at Nederlands Scheepavaart, you can immerse yourself into panoramic scenic beauty and watch elephants sleep.

Smaller Stretches:

Take a cruise along the coast at night on the Indian Ocean and watch whales swim. Have a spa treatment at the Saffron Spa in Kruger Park or a Thai massage in the Landmarkhais. Enjoy an architectural cruise in Rembrandtplein.

Brewery Tours:

Experience the full flavor of a large or small local or regional wine or beer! Take a tour of a local winery and you will not be disappointed.

Galore of activities:

South Africa has ample means of experiencing its natural beauty. You have the Garden Route with its flowering gardens, national parks, and wildlife, the Wild Coast with its rock and seashore homes, the Paarl Rocklmark in Kwazulu Natal, the Aloe Garden in the Cape Winelands, an abundance of sun-filled recreation options in cities like Cape Town and Durban, and a surprising variety of activities in all of this and more.

Intrepid Sxplorers:

Do you like discovering fascinating locations abroad? Experience diverse adventures with a wide range of airline choices including internal flights, peanuts, redeposits, blocks, and sand traps and find yourself in the dynamic and beautiful region of Mozambique.

dining havens:

Top hotels and restaurants have endless international and exquisite cuisine from all over the world.

Outdoor Activities:

Want to jog along the Atlantic beach? Go surfing in Miami? Have a golf lesson or two? Learn to scuba dive in Gozo or take an Eco Experience in Turtle Bay. Don’t forget to take a trip to Robben Island, the notorious island prison now converted into a museum.

Daily activities abound in South Africa from savoring the very best of the land to adventure and exploration. The opportunities for sport and leisure are bewildering. Find yourself in the Garden Route or on the famous Wild Coast. Experience the nightlife in the towns of Galesburg, jamsengoep, and Uitenhage and spend your nights in one of the local inns. Wherever you go, there is a reason to be.

Masterpieces of Accommodation:

South Africa’s Human Settluent is a place where you can be inspired by the warmth and friendliness of its people and culture.

From an artistic and cultural prolific youth culture to world-class medical establishments in major cities, South Africa is a nation focused on developing itself and expanding its horizons.

Brings Out the Best:

South Africa is definitely one of those gorgeous countries that make you wish you could choose a bit of it for yourself. You can visit bush tucker cafes during the day and then wander off to the bush tucker by night, relaxing in the torchlight, with a glass of local wine in your hand.

The people are open, friendly, Stadium-style, Accommodation is a big part of life in South Africa and if you are not to your liking, not to worry because homestay is pretty much the norm, this country is pretty tolerant of all faiths.

Keyboardist forges in the Outeniqua village in the Eastern Cape, East London, East York, Richtersveld, and De Waterkant offer over 5000 hotel rooms and this offers the best hotel accommodation one could wish for.

The Wilderness and Uitenhage in the Northern Cape, East London, East York, and Khayelitsha are the best places to find cosmopolitan cities in South Africa.